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Build a signing device from off-the-shelf components



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Case only infos


The Specter-DIY Snap Case is a 3D print enclosure for the Specter-DIY signing device from Specter Solutions. The scanner is located on the back - just like you would expect from a smartphone.


Checkout the shopping list from Specter Solutions here.

Please note that the case is designed for the variant with the optional Waveshare scanner.

In addition to above shopping list, a small Phillips screwdriver is needed to remove the screws of the Waveshare scanner.


You can find the documentation of the assembly here

Please check carefully that the prints (also the prints you got from us) do not exert pressure on any hardware components. And don't exert any pressure yourself.

Print it yourself

The Specter-DIY Snap Case is a freely available print it yourself enclosure (designed by us). So if you have a 3D printer nearby you, you don't need to buy it here.

But be aware that the prints are quite tight around the hardware components. They are well tested with a Prusa MK3s and hardware components from late 2022. Other printers or newer or older hardware may produce results that do not fit.

You can find the STL-Files and all the documentation here

Assembled & ready to use infos


The Specter-DIY is a do-it-yourself signing device from Specter Solutions.

The idea of the Specter-DIY is actually that you order the individual independent hardware components yourself and then assemble them yourself. This gives you the advantage that no one knows you are buying a hardware wallet (privacy) and you don't have to trust us to not manipulate the wallet somehow (security). You can find all the information what to buy, how to assemble and how to upload the firmware on the GitHub of Specter Solutions here.

If you are aware of this and still want to buy a fully assembled device, you are welcome to do so here.