Backup Tools

A proper backup of your seed phrase is probably the most important thing in Bitcoin self custody.


Not every seed needs to be hammered into steel. But it should be something more than a simple paper. The SeedCards with integrated self-laminating function are the optimal middle ground.

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Get rid of trust in your hardware wallet's random number generator.
With SeedSticks you are your own random number generator.


The Specter-DIY is a great open source do-it-yourself hardware wallet from Specter Solutions.

Specter-DIY Fully Assembled

The idea of the Specter-DIY is actually that you order the individual hardware components yourself and then assemble them yourself. But if you are lazy and trust us, you can get a fully assembled Specter here.

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About me

Everyone has their bitcoin story. So do I. Mine started in 2017. But I had to spend a whole year down the rabbit hole to understand the immense impact Bitcoin can have on our society. I was flashed. And still am. Bitcoin became a passion. But I didn't want to just passively follow Bitcoin, I wanted to be a part of it, contribute to it. So I started giving Bitcoin talks and working on Bitcoin software projects. With SeedSticks I released my first physical project on which I have been thinking of for a long time. I love it! And with, I finally have a site that allows me to publish things immediately as they transition from my head into a real and hopefully useful product.

I am happy to be able to contribute to Bitcoin somehow.

-- Thomas, 11/2022